Selecting the right box

Moving is difficult for everyone, but packing with the right box makes the situation way easier. You may think that a box is a box, but there is such a thing as the perfect box. If a box is too small, or too big, there could be a serious problem. Boxes come in so many different sizes, and can easily be confusing to anyone. If you do have to buy boxes, it might be worth checking sites like Raise to see if there are any discounts on boxes, or even things that you may wish to put in your new home. When it comes to the move, there is most definitely a right way to pack up a house, and it all begins with the right boxes.

Small sized Boxes

Small boxes are those cute little boxes that are used for small items, such as personal items or display items. Fragile things can be broken easily, so packing them separately is the best way. It may be a lot easier to jam pack everything into one box, but a small box is best for small fragile pieces. Small boxes can also be for utensils or dishes. Instead of putting all the dishes in one box, put smaller quantities in smaller boxes to make sure they do not break. Small boxes can also be used for clothes, such as small scarves, socks, or under garments. Without these boxes, your things can be easily lost and disorganized.

Medium sized Boxes

These boxes are just the right size to pack things like a bunch of books and toys. They’re not too small or huge, but just good enough for a normal sized pile of items. Medium sized boxes are also good for packing accessories for bigger things. This could mean packing all the accessories needed for the tv, such as the remotes, xbox, ps4, etc. These boxes could also be used for packing some kitchen appliances such as a kitchenaid mixer, a blender, or even a toaster oven. While these boxes are not large enough to pack a whole closet, they are just the right size for a normal pile.

Large sized Boxes

Large sized boxes are the most important for many reasons. These boxes can easily fit a large pile of clothes. While they may not be able to fit a whole closet in one, using a few of these could get the job done much quicker than any other sized box. These boxes are best for packing a bedroom or guest room. They fit a large amount of clothes at once, and can easily fit a bed set. These large boxes can also be used for sofa pillows from the living room and family room. While they are extremely handy, they can easily be overstuffed, which can be a problem. Large boxes are convenient and worth it when moving because of how much can fit in each box.

Box size matters

All these different size boxes may be overwhelming, but their is a right sized box for everything. Some movers do not use different sized boxes while others use all kinds of different sizes. While it is a preference, there is also a reason behind every box used. In the end, using all of these different sizes for different things may be the best when moving houses.