Moving can be stressful for parents, but a lot of people don’t realize that it can be just as emotionally stressful to their kids as well. Packing up your house and moving to a whole different one can be both scary and intimidating for a child. There are so many things that go into a child’s head when they hear the word “moving”. They may be thinking, what will i be able to keep with me, or how can I just leave all my friends and my school behind. These are just two of the many things that could scare a child. Preparing your child for the move is probably the best thing any parent can do.

There are many ways to prepare your child for a move, some of them being easier than others. One of the things a parent can do is tell their kid that they are moving beforehand to prepare them. If you can immediately tell your child that you are moving and then start packing, they may get scared that their life is changing so quickly. Telling a child beforehand can help them understand the situation better, and make it more effortless. 

Another important thing to tell a child is all the details of the move. If you immediately tell your child your moving they may think that you are moving to a far place and not understand. This can scare them and make them not want to move. If you tell them where you are moving and why, they are able to figure out what is going on and not be as anxious about the move.

Giving your child an opportunity to make their own decisions can also be a great idea. This way they won’t think the move is totally out of their control. If you give them the ability to pack what they want and pick new things for their room, it can excite them and make them even passionate about the move. Because moving can be frightening, giving them control over some things can make them feel more determined to make this the best experience they can.

Being positive about the move is sometimes difficult for parents and children as well. It can be emotionally overwhelming to move to a whole different place, especially if you do not have any friends or family in the new area. An optimistic attitude can help your child be more confident about the move to a whole new place. Turn the things that seem the hardest into positive experiences. For example, when you are deciding what to throw away (perhaps into skip bins sydney way, or wherever you are located), make it a family decision and with the mindset of giving your home a really good refresh before moving. This way, the focus won’t be on what you are deciding to leave, but instead on what you are taking moving forward!

There are so many ways for a move to go wrong, especially when you and your child are so emotionally stressed. Preparing your child and being positive are just two of the many ways to make this journey an easier road for everyone. Children have just as many emotions as their parents and sometimes it can be even worse for a child especially when they have lived in the same place for so long. Remember to think of all the possible things your child is going through when you tell them about a move, because their mental health is just as important as yours.