Moving into a new house means packing up everything you own and taking it to a whole new place. Whether it is moving to a different city, or even a state, moving can be incredibly frustrating. It takes an unimaginable amount of planning, packing, and trashing to finally decide what you want in your new home. There are many secrets to happy moving, and one of them is ultimately getting rid of everything you own.

    Getting rid of everything you own may not be easy, but it might just be the best thing for anyone that is moving. It’s definitely a step you should consider even before calling the movers. The easiest way to do this is to break down the job into steps. The first step is to choose a specific area to declutter first. After you have chosen a place to start, you must decide when and how you are going to declutter this. There are many things to decide when you are decluttering, and one of them is whether or not you are good at letting go. Its hard to decide what to give up, especially when you have lived in the same place for so long. Another important thing to consider is planning out when you are going to declutter your house. If you plan this, you won’t get stuck with an unfinished job.

    De-cluttering can also be easier when you separate it into categories. If you categorize your items into different parts you can decide on the easiest section to complete first. Starting with a bigger category makes it an easier job because it gets rid of things in the way. Another tip is to put what you are getting rid of into different categories, trash, sell, and donate. The things that you trash are things that have little to no value to you or anyone. The things that you sell are things that can be extremely valuable, but unnecessary. Donating what you dont need is also a good option, as there are many people that may need some of the things you don’t. Categorizing your decluttering into parts makes decluttering more organized and effortless because it helps you decide what you need and don’t painlessly.

    In the end, the most important thing to decide when decluttering is why you are doing what you are doing. If your goal is to make your new house a more organized place, decluttering is extremely important. The biggest mistake some people make is making their new house just as crowded and messy as their last. Avoiding that can be the best thing people do to make their new house feel like home.